Transfer Factors


Powers Your Immune System Within 20 minutes!

Would you like to sail through the seasons of colds and the flu and almost never get sick?

As soon as you feel a chill, tired and run down, taking TRANSFER FACTORS will within about 20 minutes strengthen your immune system and raise your energy levels to ward off a horrible cold or flu bug.

TRANSFER FACTORS are extracted from Colostrum which is the “secret” ingredients newborn babies receive from the mother in breast feeding to strengthen and regulate their immune system.

Our TRANSFER FACTORS are from grass feed Boivin or chicken eggs yolks.

2 Bottles – 2 x 90 capsules $83.50 each

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TRANSFER FACTORS will benefit us in the following ways:

  • Help our immune cells quickly recognize invading pathogens or other potential threats
  • Help our immune system respond more quickly to harmful invaders
  • Sail through the flu and cold seasons and almost never get sick
  • Help recover our health from serious and chronic diseases
  • Help our body remember how to tackle attacks to our immune system, so the body is re-educated and knows better how to react each time it encounters harmful invaders

Dosage: To ward off a flu or colds take 3 Transfer Factors between meals 3 times per
for 3 days and then reduce to 2 per day between meals until all the symptoms are
For chronic diseases, cancer, fibromyalgia, ME, etc., take 3 Transfer Factors between
meals 3 times per day for 1 week
then reduce to 3 per day between meals and
continue to take until the illness is under control

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