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3-Week Shrink Tumor Pack


Note: it is recommended to do the 3-week Shrink Tumor Program simultaneously or right after doing the 6-week Starve Cancer Program.

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Our body has what we can call “built-in tumor shrinkers.” Nevertheless, when a person has cancer, this built-in tumor-shrinking mechanism is not working as well as it should – if at all. Fortunately, this can be addressed using the Tumor Shrinking Program.

Tumor growth has several causes, such as isopropyl alcohol (industrial wood alcohol), parasites, bacteria, and harmful chemicals, to mention just a few. So, the primary objective is first to address these underlying causes. We use a unique blend of cloves, green walnut husks, and cloves along with garlic enemas, which should be administered at a specific time in the month. Additionally, Bentonite Cleanse and other clays, along with herbal formulas, remove heavy metals, harmful bacteria, and dangerous chemicals. Also, Lugol’s iodine and different anti-bacterial formulas are needed. 

We combine the Starve Cancer Program (which blocks glucose and glutamine) with the Shrink Tumor Program (which blocks malonic acid). Thus, cancer and cancer tumors have nothing to feed on.   

We use 14 specific remedies along with the 3-week Shrink Tumor Food Plan. All remedies come with full instructions, a GUIDE book, and recommended recipes:  

Here is a list of the remedies:

  • 1 – Bentonite Cleanse – Removes heavy metals.
  • 1 – Lugol’s iodine – destroys harmful bacteria that causes pain (i.e., Salmonellas and E. coli). To be taken orally and as an enema in cases of high-level pain and to support the thyroid.
  • 1 – Cayenne – a rich source of natural Vitamin C. It improves digestion, circulation, and destroys harmful streptococcus.
  • 1 – Betaine HCI – improves digestion and removes clostridium (harmful bacteria) from the intestine.
  • 1 – Pancreatin Enzymes – helps remove the protective coating around cancer cells and improve digestion.
  • – Parasite cleanse – destroys the adult, baby, and parasite eggs
  • 1 – MSM – helps establish proper pH levels and transforms bad germanium and ferric iron to good. Immune stimulant.
  • 1 – Oregano essential oil – helps shrink tumors and destroys harmful bacteria (i.e., streptococcus and clostridium).
  • 1 – Wintergreen essential oil – helps cause tumors to disintegrate by turning tumors into cysts with liquid centers.
  • 1 – B Vitamin Complex – increases appetite, helps to oxidize food, cell health, improves cell division, removes benzene, dyes, improves kidney function, and helps dissolve kidney stones.
  • 1 – Vitamin D3 4000 i.u – improves the immune system and helps dissolve calcium deposits.
  • 1 – Horsetail Extract – detox and support the kidneys.
  • 1 – Transfer Factors – dramatically improves the immune system rapidly.
  • 1 – Potassium Gluconate – enhances oxygen uptake and stimulates the respiratory system. All cancer patients have a lack of potassium.

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