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Remember for best results always take the MegaSporeBiotic capsules with food.
Week 1: take one capsule every other day with food (eg. with main meal of the day)
Week 2: take one capsule each day (with meal)
Week 3: take 2 capsules a day (both at the same time, with a meal/food)
Next 4 Weeks: take 2 a day (both at the same time, with food)

Let the symptoms dictate the dosage If any health reactions occur (such as loose stools) when taking 2 a day, ease back to 1 a day.

Pay attention to how you are feeling (are the symptoms easing, disappearing, getting worse?) and adjust the dosage accordingly.
When the gut is more stable/balanced flora – then can move to a maintenance dose, which is suggested as 2 doses a week. For example; 2 capsules on a Sat and 2 capsules on a Sunday. (It appears to be easier for the patient to be compliant with dosage when it’s linked to the weekend dates).


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