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The Budwig SUPPORT PACK is an exclusive package we offer only to patients of the Budwig program who have already been to our clinic or completed a program at home as a “follow-up” support approach.


You will receive the following:

  1. BIO-ZAPPER® Device – each type of cancer is related to specific pathogens, i.e., parasite(s), worms, fungi, Candida, and harmful bacteria and viruses. Bio-Zapper will run bio-resonance frequencies (extensively researched by various scientists and medical professionals, including Dr. Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, and Nikola Tesla) to target all these pathogens. The Bio-Zapper is portable and easy to use daily, while you work, shop, walk, read a book, watch TV, etc.
  2. LIFE CARE  – We provide the specialized formula for the famous Life Care Program and all the required remedies. This program has helped people with all kinds of chronic health conditions, even some who were bed-ridden or with little or no energy, and had tried many other therapies with poor results.
  3. Anti-Cancer Herbal/Plant-Based Remedies that “starves” cancer – This program offers between 3 and 4 months of several plant-based herbal remedies to help people with all types of cancer. We also provide many of the remedies in powder or liquid form for those who have trouble swallowing pills.
  4. Full instructions and a daily “Food and Activity” plan will be included.


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