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Black Salve Bloodroot


90 Capsule Bottle

1 Bottle                                              $37.00 each

3 Bottles or more (recommended)    $33.00 each

Note: Life Integrative mostly offers exclusive products that are shipped from Europe, which is reflected in the transport costs.

3 Bottles or more $33.00 each


Bloodroot has been nicknamed “natural chemotherapy” because it effectively seeks out cancer cells and tumors but does no harm to the healthy cells.

Unlike most bloodroot capsules (also known as black salve) being offered in the marketplace, we do not include zinc chloride because it will burn the tissues of the digestive system.

Our natural formula contains a 125mg herbal blend of Graviola, burdock root, chaparral, bloodroot, as well as natural rice flour in a 500mg vegetarian capsule.  All our ingredients are 100% pure and contain no synthetic chemicals or additives.

We do not recommend any blood Root or Black Salve creams for the face as it often leaves scars.  If you have skin cancer, please contact us for a special CBD cream

Take a look at this video.

Note: The FDA has evaluated none of the above statements in this document.  Please consult your health care professional before taking this product


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